From an Incredible Family

My nose is burning. My eyes are wet. My heart is torn up. Ladies, I’ll tell you what. This taking care of other people’s babies just isn’t for the faint of heart. Especially when I so quickly lay it all out there and say, “You can be mine, too. There is room for us both.”

As I walked in my house last night, I heard that little sniffle come from the boys’ room…the one that attracts all Mamas… I went in and touched his little hand and said, “Hey, Buddy….sad face?”

That sniffle turned into a bigger sniffle and sad face was quickly becoming the ugly cry. So I offered my arms and he came to them. We went to my couch and he sobbed, racked with pain, and cried and cried for his Mama. I didn’t have any answers for him. I don’t know where she is or when he will see her again, and I had no promise to give him.

So we just promised to keep each other safe today, and wasn’t he going to be able to tell her grand things when he got to see her in the future.

We finally got to a calm spot, and big sister had been waiting eagerly to share her ice cream with him. So sweet. He came back for a silly story on our bed and went to sleep with a chocolate grin.

But be still, my heart…the sadness, the heartbreak of a boy that misses the only normal he has ever known and our first real cry from the always happy boy. What a breakthrough.

Only you all would understand.

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